Energy saving with filters


The energy costs for air filtration at properties are relatively high.

  • One third of the property energy costs constitutes of air filtration and 30% of this are due to the pressure drops of filters
  • Filtration surface, efficiency and materials affects the pressure drop
  • One pa pressure drop equates 1€ in money per year, for example 50 pa lower average pressure drop saves up to 50€ a year per filter
  • Filter Partner Oy has a solution for this. The extremely low initial pressure drop of Eficiell and RVP compact filters and nanowave pocket filters, and their moderate increase of pressure drop, allows remarkable saving in energy costs without affecting their efficiency.
  • Eficiell and Magnum filters low pressure drop, large filtration surface, mechanic endurance and high ability to resist moisture, creates the requirements for long term use.

Eficiell and Magnum compact filters are developed for demanding circumstances and they offer outstanding mechanical endurance and resistance of moisture. They are excellent for long term use without a need for maintenance. 

These filters achieve a high difference level with the lowest pressure drops in the markets. Saving in energy costs is remarkable!